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As an oncologist, you invest time and effort to stay on top of the scientific data flooding the market place, so you can make educated decisions for your cancer patients. We welcome you to become an Axess Oncology consultant and let those decisions shape the pharmaceutical landscape—while earning supplemental income. At Axess Oncology, we mobilize physician knowledge by connecting oncologists into a collaborative network. We pay oncologists at a validated for market value rate in recognition of their valuable time, knowledge and expertise. Composed of experienced, busy, productive oncologists and hematologists, the Axess Oncology Physician Network is a powerful force in identifying oncology trends. As a consultant in the Axess Oncology Physician Network, you can:
  • Drive trends and identify needs in the oncology market
  • Access results and benchmark your opinions against those of your peers
  • Consult as often as you like
  • Choose to consult on projects that interest you
  • Enjoy a new ancillary revenue stream
Most consultation projects take less than 30 minutes to complete online. Apply today to join the Axess Oncology Physician Network, and start impacting your market.